send me messages, explicit or implicit

hello, thank you for wanting to contact me! :-)

my name's autumn, though i use a lot of pseudonyms - auctumnus, syysilma, etc; i prefer she/her or they/them pronouns if you're doing something that should require you to refer to me in the third person!

i'm available in a few places along the world wide web, from most convenient to least:

  • i can be reached through discord (absolutely proprietary, i know) at autumn#1088 - feel free to chat!
  • i can be found retweeting anime at @syysilma on twitter (i'd like to move to a mastodon instance - if you like me enough, mind helping me integrate in your local instance?)
  • i can be found among projects of varying levels of completion as auctumnus on github (i should run my own instance of git or use, but ci is useful)
  • i'm on the fourth website
  • if you absolutely must, i can be reached through mail at my email address - excuse the inaccessibility, but bots are horrible!and though i cannot promise i'll remember to actually use pgp, my public key is available on keybase. note, i'd much prefer one of the preceding options for longer discussion - use this only as a last resort!

if you should otherwise see someone named "auctumnus" or another variation on "autumn", there is a non-zero chance it's me - say hi!

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